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Demand for granulated coconut sugar become from global need for alternative sugar. Alternative sugar inquiry is growing because of threat from degenerative desease, such as : diabetics, obesity, etc. 
Granulated coconut sugar have low glycemic index in average 35 as their unique selling point. With simple boiling and production method people trust that granulated coconut sugar can be provide best quality with natural process. 
The potention of granulated coconut sugar not only become favourite natural sweetener, but also they have opportunity to become organic sweetener. Like other ingredinet provided by nature, granulated coconut sugar accepted by organic cxertification assessor.
From the sap of coconut trees, this kind of sugar is processed. In the value chain, involved many farmer as key resources. Beside getting health benefit, by consuming granulated coconut sugar means empowering the farmer.
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Mekanira with Mrs. Indonesian Trade Attache for Thailand and Indochina in the THAIFEX 2016. THAIFEX is the biggest food expo in ASEAN. Advantages of this event is in the early days was facilitated for business meetings with potential buyers invited from all over the world.

Take photo together with Mr. Ambassador of Indonesia for Bulgary in the Business Meeting forum with entrepreneurs and businessman from Bulgary. Yogyakarta, 2015.

Mekanira together with Gubernur Ganjar Pranowo (Head of Central Java Province) held in Den Haag, Netherland again. One year (October, 2015) after trade promotion in this city, we are currently doing business meeting with Mr. Ambassador of Indonesia for Netherland and the private sector there.

Mekanira attended trade promotion in Europe through Tong-Tong Fair. The festival held in Den Haag, Netherlands on May-June 2014.