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Sample Term
We provide free sample with shipment cost. 

Order Term
1. Buyer release Purchase Order (PO)
2. Mekanira will send the Commercial Invoice
3. Mekanira also will informing lead time for just in time (JIT) production

Payment Term
1. For order under $ 1,000 cash in advance.
2. For bigger order 
    50% Down Payment (7-21 days prior)
    50% Balanced (when good ready to voyaging)

Shipment Term
1. Trucking for franco buyer warehouse for domestik prefered
2. F.O.B. Term by Jakarta Harbour for overseas prefered

Minimum of Quantity (MOQ) 
 1. Domestic : 100 kgs (4 coli)
 2. Overseas : 500 kgs (1 pallet)