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Product name : Granulated Coconut Sugar
Botanical name : Cocos Nucifera
Part used : liquid sap

Description :
Sweetener that made from the sap of the flower blossom of the coconut palm tree. It can be used as a one to one replacement for white and brown sugar. Applicable for many recipes of food and drink.

Appearance : Granulated texture
Taste and odor : Sweet and characteristic
Colour : light brown

Purity :
Ash 2.56 %
Total sugar as sucrose 83.80%
Reducing sugars 6.15%
Fructose 3.90%
Glucose 2.25%
Moisture content 2.36%

Microbiology :
Total plate count 1.8 x 101 CFU/g
E.coli below 3 MPN/g
yeast below 10 CFU/g
Mold 1.5 x 101 CFU/g
Salmonella Negative in CFU 25g
Cu element Not more than 0.0001%
Pb element Not more than 0.0001%

We are provide two kind of goods for export : natural goods and organic goods. Booth of them we do the same production process, but different in administration process. The organic ones is completed by organic certificate. USDA-NOP for US, ORGANIC EU for Europ and JAP for JAPAN. Buyer will safe about traceability and documentation because of it. 

And granulated coconut sugar as a natural food often reffered to 'organic by trust'.  It's provide to buyer that they visit to our production area and trust with our internal control system. Commonly they prefer this kind of goods because they want to get lowest price. 

Source : CBI, Netherlands